Why Pixture You?  Imagine in your travels how often you glimpsed something seemingly spectacular out of the corner of your eye but failed to capture the moment on film.  You had no time to stop and ponder the sight, never mind photograph it.  How many times have you passed through someplace new on your way to someplace else and later wished you had taken the shot?  Believe that all of these are appointed times, or once in a lifetime experiences never to be duplicated or repeated.

My hopes, prayers, and desires for you are that you may enjoy God’s grace and beauty abundantly through the many exquisite opportunities He’s given me to capture nature’s exciting splendor.  All I do is place the camera between me and His creations and pray that his light would shine into your homes and places of work.  In this way, I play a small but privileged part in sharing His love for you.

It’s amazing how everything in nature is delicately balanced according to God’s will and timing.  But for all the beauty and splendor that surround us, the majesty and wonder of creation pale in contrast to the life we have when our hearts are tugged by God’s Spirit to accept and know Jesus.  Pixture You in the shining light of his presence.  What Pixture would you see?  May God bless you as you enjoy...

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"PixtureYou Photography-"business card""PixtureYou Photography-"business card"

The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of His hands. Psalm 19:1